What's Good?

It's your man Altermax a young Canadian CHH artist.

Click here for my latest project. Here's my iTunes page, and here's my Noisetrade,

What I Do

I rap, design images, promote young Christian rap artists for free on youtube and everything in between. Feel free to hit me up to connect.


Who I Am

Altermax (Natu Myers) is a student and football player at Queen's university in Canada. He built his own vocal booth during a summer in 2013 and has since been learning his craft of making music. Starting with some singles, to his mixtape "Ice Deep", Natu has been inspired by artists like Lecrae, Yungsemaj, Dre Murray and their label mates. Being filled with optimism about the potential of positivity and faith in hip hop that was once deemed impossible, becoming a hobbyist and diving into learning the craft of rapping became a sure thrill for Natu.


What's New?

Here's my latest work.

Hit me up!

Anything on your mind? Free promo requests or feature requests? Please feel free to hit me up.

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